Miss USA is getting a new little sister soon! With the 2017 contestant headshots just released, we configured our Top 10 favorites to share with you! Good luck to all the gorgeous young ladies competing, we hope the next Miss Teen USA is on our list!

Arkansas Teen – Allison Tucker

Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2017

California Teen – Jaanu Patel

Miss California Teen USA 2017

Kentucky Teen – Olivia Prewitt

Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2017

Lousiana Teen – Hailey Crausby


Massachusetts Teen – Caitlyn Martin

Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2017

Pennsylvania Teen – Lauren Ann Weaver

Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2017

South Carolina Teen – Alexis Johnson

Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2017

Texas Teen – Kirby Lindley

Miss Texas Teen USA 2017

Vermont Teen – Kelsey Golonka

Miss Vermont Teen USA 2017

West Virginia Teen – Olivia Hutchison

Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2017

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