Hey, Sash Girls! We recently teamed up with Miss High School America 2016, Kennedy Chase, to share with you her tips on how to choose a winning evening gown! Keep reading to find out a few of her quick gown selection tips that you can apply to your shopping experience to help you find your very own winning gown!


Choosing that special evening gown is so important and so special. I was blessed enough to have a custom designed Sherri Hill evening gown from Henri’s Cloud Nine for Miss High School America! With my personality and interests mixed with their creativity, we created the gown of my dreams! I am so grateful for that experience and opportunity!

A custom gown does not always have to be the option. In fact, it’s normally not the option. There are tons of beautiful gowns out there that are just waiting for beautiful girls like you to wear. In this blog post I want to share with you my tips and tricks to finding that evening gown of your dreams!


Tip #1: Make A Fun Day Of It!

When picking that winning evening gown, you should make a fun day of it! Make sure you bring someone with you that is going to help you celebrate how beautiful you are and that truly has your best interest at heart.

Tip #2: Keep Your Personality In Mind!

When I look for my evening gown I always think of a style that really shows who I am on the inside as a person. Is your personality more sparkly and flamboyant or is it simple and sophisticated? Pick a style that not only makes you feel confident but screams your personality.


Tip #3: Color Is Key!

Pick a color that is going to make you really pop on stage and that is flattering with your skin tone. Sometimes wearing your favorite color makes you feel that much more confident and excited to “rock it” onstage!

Tip #4: Visualization!

Visualization is imperative when making your evening gown selection. Picture yourself on the stage in your gown as the queen already. Feeling absolutely beautiful in your gown is so important because when you feel beautiful that confidence and inner beauty will shine through on stage and towards the judges.

Tip #5: Try On Multiple Gowns!

You should always try on more than one gown. I know I always try on a ton of dresses before I make my final decision. You want to see what truly looks best on you and what you feel the most beautiful in.


I hope these tips help you get closer to picking the gown of your dreams! To follow my year as Miss High School America or if you have any more questions, you can follow my social media accounts below. Happy shopping!



Kennedy Chase

Miss High School America 2016

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