1. Tell me about yourself. 

  • This is typically the starting point for your interview! You have the power to bring your “Brand Points” to attention during this time that your judges will most likely ask you follow-up questions about!

2. Who is your role model?

  • Try not to select a friend or family member! Imagine just how many other girls will select a friend or family member – your judge will probably be hearing the same answer multiple times and it won’t be memorable. Instead, select an individual that can relate to one of your “Brand Points.”

3. What is your greatest strength/weakness?

  • Always present yourself in the best light possible! Your stated “weakness,” really shouldn’t be a weakness, but a strength that you view as a personal weakness!

4. What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

  • Time to become a storyteller! Take your judge on an auditory journey that they can visualize in their minds. You want to make your answer memorable, and telling a story will stick with your judges rather than just stating what your greatest accomplishment to date is.

5. What makes you unique?

  • Think about what makes you, you! Your “Brand Points” are exclusively unique to you – it will be rare to find another pageant competitor who backs the same points that you do. Be sure to exaggerate these points not only in this answer, but during your entire interview!

6. What is your career ambition?

  • Don’t just tell the judges your career ambition, but your inspiration for selecting that path as well as your game plan to reach your ultimate career goals!

7. What inspired you to select your platform issue topic?

  • Your platform should be a topic that is near and dear to your heart. Maybe you experienced a friend or family member go through a major life experience that has affected them forever, or maybe even you have! Know not only the inspiration for your platform, but your marketing plan, and why this issue is prevalent to society.

8. What do you want to gain by competing in this pageant?

  • You may have a general overview of what pageants can do for you, but why did you select this pageant to further yourself and your goals? Every pageant is different and it would be wise of you to know the mission of your selected pageant system, how your values and goals parallel with it, as well as what this pageant can do for you and what you can do for this pageant!

9. What would you tell someone who has a negative perspective on pageantry?

  • Maybe you were someone who had a negative view of pageantry in the past? Maybe your parents had negative connotations about pageants and you had to convince them to allow you to compete? Think about the areas of competitions and all that is involved in competing in your selected pageant. Will you learn how to write a resume, work on your physical fitness, obtain sponsors, and put your communication skills to work? Pageants have so much to offer young women across the globe!

10. Why do you want to be the next titleholder?

  • Think about what you can do as yourself. Now think about what you can do as yourself plus a sash and crown. What changes? Know why it is necessary for you to become the titleholder – what can you give to the system and what can the system give to you?


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