Competing in a pageant, but don’t know where to start with writing your Personal Introduction? Below are our Top 4 Tips for Writing a Personal Introduction!

1. Establish a Theme

When it’s time to start writing your Personal Introduction, first establish an overall theme that your want to portray through your writing and verbalized presentation. Having a theme will create a sense of memorability for your judges and will be sure to make you stand out!

2. Have an Engaging Hook

Start your Personal Introduction off with an exciting attention grabber! Don’t simply just state the required components – get creative with it! This could be a quote of some sort or something that is said with a lot of personality. If you didn’t know, you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression!

3. Include What Makes You Unique

Aside from including the required components in your Personal Introduction, be sure to include items that make you unique. This could range from your hobbies, your greatest accomplishments, etc. At Studio Sash, we utilize your Brand Points when writing Custom Personal Introductions.

4. Write Seamless Transitions

When you are finished talking about a topic in your Personal Introduction, try as best you can to seamlessly transition from one topic to the next with creative writing techniques. This will make your Personal Introduction flow from start to finish.


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