Did you know that the pair of shoes you wear to compete in can make or break your entire look? We have put together a list of our top four best pageant shoes that are currently on the market. Our list gives you options of different colors, heights, and styles that can be applied to any age division and pageant system.

When selecting a pair of heels, the number one priority is comfortability! Make sure you are able to walk comfortably and be able to stand in your heels for long periods of time. The four shoe styles below have been worn by numerous competitors and are proven winners that will compliment any swimsuit or evening gown.

womens-johnathan-kayne-benjamin-walk-austria-sandal-taupe-447679_366_a11. Austria by Johnathan Kayne

A glamorous translucent 4″ heel with a .75″ matching platform and Swarovski crystal studded straps that shimmer across the top of your foot. Get the Shoes!

751ad2145aaf54c4a375b7bdcabfa16d2. Genesis by Touch Ups

This simple 4.75″ heel will add elegant sophistication to any ensemble. Includes faux leather with a round open toe and a traction outsole to ensure a comfortable fit. Get the Shoes!

metteab1__66726.1475445256.1280.12803. Mette Castor by Marc Defang

Lead with AB Crystals in these 5.5″ heels with a 1.75″ platform. Also 100% handmade, these shoes are up to par with the industry’s highest quality standard. Get the Shoes! 

3434-7231_MAX4. Tippy Top/Teaser by Chinese Laundry

The Teaser platform patent sandals that are 5.5″ with a 1.5″ platform feature overlapping criss-cross straps and an adjustable ankle strap to hold your foot securely in place. Get the Shoes!


Now that you’ve got the shoes, do you have the walk? Click HERE to learn how to walk in your heels and learn the right style of walk for each area of competition!